Father’s Day

This Father’s Day almost coincides with mine and Aamer’s wedding anniversary of June 22, 2014.

The last seven years have been a whirlwind! But none has been as eventful as the last, when we welcomed our son Raheem into our lives. Aamer and I had to learn to work together as a tight-knit team, whether it came to changing baby diapers or doing baby’s bedtime.

I am continually inspired by Aamer’s kindness and generosity. We share a passion for animals and the environment. And Aamer makes Raheem laugh like no one else can.

I am looking forward to Raheem getting to know his father more and more over time! May they enjoy long summer bike rides and cozy winter nights in the future.

This Father’s Day, I am grateful also for my father and father-in-law, both of whom are devoted grandfathers. Raheem is a fortunate little boy to have a loving father and doting grandfathers!