January 2017 Update: Project Animal Farm Honored as Award Runner-Up

I am thrilled to announce that Project Animal Farm was selected as the runner-up for the New England Book Festival Award! What an honor.

The book is also continuing to garner media attention. “Faruqi pulls off [an] amazing feat…” states a Toronto-based publication, Desi News.

Most importantly, the book continues to enlighten and entertain people. Here are just a few new reader reviews:

  • “Thank you Sonia for braving the reality and writing so clearly and objectively. Thank you for not just pointing that there is a fire out there, but also an extinguisher.”
  • “We need books like this! I commend the author’s courage to witness what she has in order to search for answers and report back what was found, despite the industry’s efforts to keep secrets.”
  • “I often do not read non-fiction cover-to-cover but I couldn’t put this one down.”

You can read free excerpts from Project Animal Farm here.

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