Limited Time Offer – Major Prizes for Early Bird Readers of The Oyster Thief!

The story behind the story is that the idea of an underwater world fell into my mind on January 1st, 2015. It was a freezing-cold morning in Canada, and I wished I could escape into tropical waters. But it was too expensive to book a last-minute flight, so I decided to escape in my mind. With a cup of tea in hand, I started inventing an underwater world.

In the years since, I became so fascinated by the deep blue that I learned all I could about its swirling depths. I snorkeled, scuba-dived, swam with sharks, and pored over books and countless articles about the ocean. I also gave my imagination free rein.

Fast-forwarding to today, I am excited to announce that my project of passion and imagination, The Oyster Thief, will be released in October!

Book Jacket of The Oyster Thief

Here’s the story: When a mermaid and human man meet, they are forced to overcome their intrinsic enmity to embark on a quest into the depths of the sea for a legendary elixir. The Oyster Thief is an adventure, a mystery, a love story, while also featuring themes of ocean conservation.

The book has received an endorsement from Jodi Picoult, bestselling author of My Sister’s Keeper: “Sonia Faruqi had me at the word ‘mermaid.’ The Oyster Thief creates a lush, imaginary underwater world that somehow manages to reinforce the reality of the need for environmental awareness—it’s unlike anything I’ve ever read.”

I am excited to announce that my publisher Pegasus Books is offering prizes for early bird purchasers. Those who pre-order in the three weeks from today, Mon, Aug 27, to Sun, Sep 16 will be entered into a contest to win one of three fabulous prizes:

  • A gift basket of chocolates, cookies, and other delicious edibles
  • An ocean spa collection of fragrant soaps, creams, and salts
  • A beautiful, rare, ocean-themed wall clock

Every pre-ordered copy can be considered a ticket into the contest. In addition to having a higher chance of winning, those who pre-order three or more copies will also receive a personal thank you note.

So…my question for you is, who do you know who likes curling up with a novel? Your mom, a friend, a colleague? If so, give them the gift of The Oyster Thief! It will be the gift of a book, but also the gift of a journey to a world close but distant, deep below the waves.

Pre-order on,, Barnes & Noble, or Indigo. Forward your order confirmation to to be entered into the contest.