What if Mermaids and Mermen Existed – A Video!

I enjoyed collaborating with What If and INSH on the making of a video, “What if Mermaids and Mermen Existed?” I wrote the script and the What If team turned it into a beautiful four-minute production! Watch it here. (In less than an hour, it amassed 65,000+ views!)

The video is based on my debut novel, The Oyster Thief, in which two worlds collide when a mermaid and human man meet (available on Amazon here). The video follows a day in the life of a merperson.

Here are a few facts you may never have considered about living life in the deep blue:

Your furniture would be made of stone! Limestone, sandstone, shale, slate—it can all be found in the ocean.

Your morning routine would be pretty much taken care of. After all, why shower when you are surrounded by water? You wouldn’t have to worry about a face scrub or toner, because saltwater minerals would keep your complexion continually clean and rejuvenated.

When leaving your home, you could just as easily swim out the window as the door.

The view outside your home would rival anything above the surface. Underwater mountain ranges, volcanoes, and lush meadows of grasses would be just a few features to marvel at.

As for food, your diet would consist primarily of seaweed. Did you know that there are 10,000 different species to choose from?

But how would you pay for your food (or anything else in the underwater economy)? Not through coins or credit cards, of course, but through…shells. In the water, certain kinds of shells would be categorized as currency and given denominations. This is not so surprising, given that some human cultures have historically also used shells as currency. Where do you think we get the phrase “shelling out money?”


Dive into an intricate and stunning world of merpeople in The Oyster Thief. The book features the story of Coralline and Izar, a mermaid and a human man, whose lives and worlds coincide to tell a tale rich in adventure and intrigue. The Globe and Mail has chosen The Oyster Thief as a top 100 book of 2018. Get it on Amazon here!

About the Author: I am the author of The Oyster Thief, an underwater fantasy novel, and Project Animal Farm, a work of critically acclaimed investigative journalism about the world’s food system. I provide exclusive content through my website and monthly newsletter at www.soniafaruqi.com. Questions or thoughts? Email me at info@soniafaruqi.com. And follow me on Instagram @Sonia_Faruqi to get the latest.

“Faruqi possesses a unique ability to create a fantastical underwater world while tying in explicit scientific facts…. The Oyster Thief is entertaining and informative.” – Forbes