October 2016 Update: Good News and Plant-based Trends

Here is a quick little excerpt from Chapter Two of Project Animal Farm. It continues off from Chapter One, which I shared in the September newsletter. In case you missed it, here is the link to Chapter One. Happy reading!

BIG news: We’re taking Project Animal Farm global. The e-book became available globally in English earlier this month. The paperback became available here for residents of the United Kingdom and Europe. If you have friends or family in the U.K. or Europe, please spread the word!

Here’s some news that will lift your spirits:

  • Canada announced a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by putting a price on carbon. The plan will allow Canada’s provinces to choose their own method of carbon pricing, whether a direct tax on emissions or a cap-and-trade system.
  • As the U.S. election approaches, one of the places to watch will be Massachusetts. There’s a ballot initiative underway in the state to ban the extreme confinement of farm animals. Polls suggest that voters will overwhelmingly approve the initiative.
  • Disability: I found this op-ed on disability “In living with a disability,” writes Ben Mattlin, “you’ve already dealt with much of what other people fear most, and if you come out on the other side you are, by definition, a survivor. The resolve required, and begrudging acceptance of what you can’t change, may bring a kind of wisdom.”

You will be pleased to learn that the market for plant-based foods is booming. Research suggests that the alternative, plant-based foods segment will account for as much as one-third of worldwide protein consumption by 2050. Three recent corporate investments show that companies are taking note of plant-based demand.

  • Tyson Foods, the largest chicken corporation in the world, purchased a stake in Beyond Meat, a start-up that produces meat analogs.
  • Yogurt-maker Danone announced the acquisition of Colorado-based WhiteWave Foods, which owns Silk, Vega, and So Delicious brands.
  • Food and household conglomerate Unilever announced the acquisition of Seventh Generation, a company that sells plant-based household products.

I loved my recent events at the Ottawa and Kingston Writers Festivals. You can view photos here. Both events attracted a terrific array of people of all ages. The event in Kingston featured my youngest audience to date, mostly middle school students, who were incredibly engaged, interesting, and intelligent. The event in Ottawa featured a conversation on stage with the festival’s director, as well as an audience interested in food literacy.