THE AGENDA WITH STEVE PAIKIN (November 2015). Steve Paikin and I enjoyed talking about Project Animal Farm, Wall Street, the farmers I met, public policy, solutions for consumers, and much more. Titled Sonia Faruqi: A View Behind the Farm Gate, the 18-minute conversation with Steve aired on TVO channel on November 2nd, 2015 and can be viewed here.

THE AGENDA WITH STEVE PAIKIN (February 2016). I chatted with Steve Paikin and other panelists about Project Animal Farm and the advantages of a plant-based diet. Titled The Vegetarian Dilemma, the half-hour conversation aired on TVO channel on February 22nd, 2016 and can be viewed here.

CATV 10 (April 2016). My lecture at Dartmouth College was filmed and broadcast by CATV 10, a New England TV station. I took the audience with me on my journey to farms around the world over the course of an hour.

Features and Interviews

Project Animal Farm is included in National Post’s list of holiday reading picks!

“Faruqi’s style is clear and direct, and her analysis good…She’s iron-willed, obsessively organized and brave.”
– TORONTO STAR (August 2015)

“It’s part memoir, part investigative report…In the course of her reporting, Faruqi does find some bright spots.”
FORBES (August 2015)

“Faruqi documents the state of animal welfare on large factory farms, small traditional operations, and many things in between in her book, Project Animal Farm.”
– BOSTON GLOBE (August 2015)

“One thing’s for sure: your food will never again look the same.”
– SALON (July 2015)

“Faruqi…embarked on a quest to get to know her dinner. Her new book, Project Animal Farm…charts her global voyage of discovery.”
– MACLEAN’S (July 2015)

“I was intrigued when I read Project Animal Farm—a new book that explores the realities of farming and the future of our food chain—and the author actually offered a possible solution. A possible future where ethical, sustainable farming could be the norm, rather than the exception.”
– VICE (July 2015)

“The book is like sitting down for a cup of tea with a friend, only to be swallowed into a long story filled with quirky characters and random encounters, an escapade through farms and the people who work them… It’s a book that can read like a comedy, but the stakes couldn’t be higher… It’s a good read, and for those who care how our food is farmed, a very good place to start.”
METRO CANADA (July 2015)

“So engaging….eye opening”

“Always captivating”

Project Animal Farm is an unwavering look inside an industry that shuns publicity”
– VANCOUVER SUN (July 2015)

Project Animal Farm penetrates our psychological defenses”
– THE WALRUS (October 2015)

Project Animal Farm shows the complexity of a largely inhumane industry operated by good, hard-working people all over the world.”
– KIRKUS (July 2015)

“Faruqi takes an emotional topic with strong feelings on both sides and wide variances across the spectrum, and gives insight into animal farming worldwide without bias.”
CHOICE (May 2016)

“This is a gripping story that will forever change how you think about animals, food, and life itself.”

Project Animal Farm describes “what can be done to create a farming system that is better for farmers, animals and consumers.”

“One of the most important voices emerging in the exponentially growing chorus of global awareness is Sonia Faruqi. Her book, Project Animal Farm, is unprecedented.”

“After volunteering at a dairy farm, the author gave up her life as an investment banker in favor of living with farmers and hitchhiking, all in the name of bringing change to animals, our health, and the environment.”
VEGNEWS (August 2015)

“Visiting small family farms and gargantuan factories that housed tens of thousands of animals, the journey became her book…”

Project Animal Farm is primed to push the doors of the secretive animal agriculture industry wide open and create a call for lasting change.”

“Author Sonia Faruqi visited more than 60 farms in eight countries to gather content for her book.”

“Faruqi began a personal journey that would take her around the globe…The result is the critically-acclaimed 2015 book, Project Animal Farm…”
– THE OBSERVER (May 2016)

“Sonia values the necessary work that farmers do…Her goal is to help farmers find humane alternatives through her research and writing….”
FIRST MONDAY (June 2016)

“Faruqi pulls off [an] amazing feat…”
DESI NEWS (January 2017)


“The book begs a comparison to Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle…”

“A searing exposé….A good wake-up call…”
KIRKUS (April 2015)

“This title flourishes….Intriguing and accessible.”

“Faruqi does a commendable job….”
BOOKLIST (July 2015)

The book “absolutely blew my socks off. Not only was it one of the most beautifully prosed [books] I have read, but Sonia’s thorough journey of discovery went deeper than I could imagine.”

“Sonia Faruqi’s new book Project Animal Farm dives into the depths of the animal agriculture industry and emerges with some important messages and inspiring suggestions on the future of food….Engaging and informative.”
FOOD TANK (August 2015)

“We’re hoping that Sonia’s book is a game changer… Thanks to Pegasus Books and Sonia Faruqi for helping expand the awareness of our readers.”
GARDEN EATS (October 2015)

“In her book, Project Animal Farm, Faruqi writes about her experiences with candor and wit….This book goes beyond shining a light on the food industry; it offers insights on how we can make life better for animals and ourselves.”
ALL ANIMALS (November 2015)

“A critical and educational examination of the food system…”

Project Animal Farm is a relevant, poignant, and remarkable account of a young woman’s journey through the world of factory farming and agribusiness, and is a must-read for anyone interested in animal ethics, environmental sustainability, and food politics.”
KUDZU HOUSE (March 2016)

Project Animal Farm is a crisp, journalistic narrative….a fresh, young and adventurous perspective…a recommended read dedicated to the discovery and exploration of the animal agriculture industry.”
– THE CULTURE-IST (July 2015)

“Project Animal Farm commands the reader’s attention through its well-written prose, conversational style and thorough research…”

“Full of surprises….the unexpected happens….an intensely personal tale….Her journey ends with a thoughtful set of ideas for putting things right….it felt like reading a story never meant to happen….And with it comes a unique and honest take on food and farming.”

“A straightforward, narrative account…She approaches her quest with an open mind…And that’s another factor that makes the book so good: Faruqi weaves into the story the farmers’ very real, personal lives”

“I urge all my readers to pick up a copy!…Project Animal Farm is not only eye-opening but also an exciting and optimistic read.”
THE PAW REPORT (July 2015)

“She marries her findings from her boots-on-the-ground farm visits with business details…. I settled in and learned about what is really going on behind the scenes…”
PEN & FORK (June 2015)


Here’s what happens when a chicken escapes from its cage at an animal farm

From Investment Banker to Farm Investigator

Stepping inside a chicken factory farm at night
THE DODO (June 2015)

Pregnant Pigs: A Horrible Crime Committed in a Dungeon
OUR HEN HOUSE (July 2015)

Radio and podcasts

Click the links below to download and listen.

GREEN AMERICAN LIVING (January 2016). I chat with John Kosmer of Green American Living on Glimmerglass Radio (the first 20 minutes of the segment).

LEONARD LOPATE SHOW (July 2015). I chat for half an hour with Leonard Lopate in-studio in New York about the hidden world of global food. The segment was broadcast on WNYC and is free to download as a podcast.

PROPUBLICA (August 2015). I speak with Cezary Podkul of ProPublica in New York about the disturbing ways in which American factory farm corporations supply meat and animal products, often with little regulation or concern for external costs. The podcast is a succinct 22 minutes in length and discusses the unnatural genetics of farm animals, the steep environmental costs of factory farms, the export of America’s factory farm model, and the steps that consumers can take.

KOJO NNAMDI SHOW (August 2015). I joined host Michael Schaeffer and guests Audrey Levatino and Sarah Hackney on the Kojo Nnamdi Show to discuss the role of women in farming. The conversation lasted an hour and included some good audience questions. The episode was broadcast on WAMU 88.5.

GREEN MAJORITY MEDIA (August 2015). I speak with Green Majority Media in Toronto about Project Animal Farm and its surprising discoveries. I provide an overview of our food system, how it affects our choices, and what we can do about it. (I am on for the first 20 minutes of the hour-long, free-to-download podcast.)

KARI MORAN’S BOOK RADIO SHOW (July 2014). I speak to Kari Moran about Project Animal Farm and what we can do to change things for the better.

BREAKTHRU RADIO (July 2015). I speak to Kory French of BreakThru Radio in New York for half an hour about Project Animal Farm. Listen in!

MRS. GREEN’S WORLD (July 2015). I am on for the full length of the one-hour show with Gina Murphy-Darling. The show is broadcast across five radio networks (Green Radio DivasSpeak Up Talk RadioDreamvisions 7 RadioGlimmerglass Radio, and iHeart Radio). It is also available on iTunes and Blogtalk Radio and is a free-to-download podcast.

CENTER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH (July 2015). I am on from 15:47 to 57:00 with Charles Margulis. The show is broadcast on Stitcher Radio and Player FM,  is available on iTunes, and is a free-to-download podcast.

PLANT YOURSELF (July 2015). I chat with Howard Jacobson for an hour about my global journey of the world’s farms, the dangers of our industrial agricultural dependency, and the solutions to the present-day system. Tune in!

REALITY CHECK (July 2015). I do an interview with FM4, Austria’s national radio. The 3-minute clip about Project Animal Farm can be found by scrolling down the page, forming a stand-alone free-to-download podcast.

SATURDAY MORNING TALKIES (July 2015). I chat with Kris Welch in California for an hour, being the second guest on the two-hour show. The segment was broadcast on KPFA and is free to download as a podcast.

TOMMY SCHNURMACHER SHOW (July 2015). I talk to Tommy Schnurmacher on CJAD 800 in Montreal for 17 minutes. The conversation is available as a free podcast.

VANCOUVER SUN (July 2015). I speak with Randy Shore of The Vancouver Sun for 20 minutes. Listen in!

TORONTO VEGETARIAN ASSOCIATION (July 2015). I speak with the Toronto Vegetarian Association for half an hour for the Toronto Vegetarian Podcast.

ACT RADIO (July 2015).  I speak for twenty minutes with Animal Concerns of Texas Radio, part of NPR’s Texas affiliate KTEP (starting at 6:30 minutes).