Sonia is a recognized authority on the topic of the environment, from food sustainability to ocean conservation. She combines unique firsthand experience, global perspective, and a skill for story-telling to inform, inspire, and engage her audiences.

She is a dynamic and versatile speaker who has presented in front of thousands of people over the course of 50+ events (including keynotes) across North America.

She is the author of The Oyster Thief, the world’s first novel to feature an underwater world and themes of ocean conservation. She is also the author of Project Animal Farm, a critically acclaimed work of global investigative journalism about the food industry.

Sonia is a frequent TV and radio guest, and has been profiled in dozens of media publications, including Vice, Boston Globe, Maclean’s, and Toronto Star. She graduated from Dartmouth College and lives in Toronto.

If you’d like to get on her agenda, send her a note at or call her at 1.647.470.4697.


Testimonials by event organizers

  • Sonia’s warm and friendly speaking style creates a spacious environment for the audience to engage wholeheartedly. She is a delight to work with—passionate, reliable, and flexible to organizer needs.”– Mike Farley, school association organizer
  • Sonia is a great speaker who engages her audience on both an intellectual and emotional level. Her talks are deeply moving and inspiring.”– Margaret Wigglesworth, librarian
  • Sonia is knowledgeable about her subject and passionate about it. She is a very relaxed, engaging, and personable presenter.”– Barbara Bell, book festival director
  • Sonia masterfully weaves a story in between information, and that’s what makes her work truly amazing. ”– Randall Abate, university professor
  • Sonia explains complex ideas in a way that is easy to understand. Her presentation helps the audience make connections and see wider implications.”– Natasha Serba, high school teacher