February 2017 Update: Cows and the World

My January blog about wild birds touched a chord among readers. Two websites reposted it on their platforms, spreading the word further. If you missed it, take a look here at the true story about an emerald bird called Emi.

I was honored to be featured in a short documentary called BEEF made by a fourteen-year-old, Sevy Lortie. An inspiring young man, he says: “I’d like to grow up into a kind and peaceful world. I hope to help make the world more green, and work to raise awareness and take action around climate change.” Watch the 16-minute film here.

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The Hoedown at Farm Sanctuary

I spent a magical weekend in the foothills of upstate New York, at an annual conference of Farm Sanctuary, an organization that rescues farm animals. I kicked off the conference, called the Hoedown, by being the first speaker.

Sonia at Farm Sanctuary

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