A Beautiful Week in Austria

My husband Aamer Hasham and I enjoyed our trip to Austria last week. It’s a beautiful country of lush green mountains and villages in the valleys. We visited the cities – Vienna, Salzberg, and Graz – but our favorite parts of the trip were our walks in the countryside amongst singing birds and below sailing clouds. We especially loved a spectacular, understated village called Traunkirchen and a charming little town, Steyr. Below are some of the photos, including a family of swans and small herds of cows.


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A Trip to Italy

I visited Italy this month, traveling from the grand monuments of Rome to the cobbled streets of Florence and the canals and bridges of Venice. The trip was wonderful, offering plenty of inspiration! The people were kind, the food enjoyable, and the art divine. Here are some of my favorite snapshots.

Two pigeons in the Colosseum

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