Photos from a Nature Excursion to Costa Rica

My husband Aamer Hasham and I visited Costa Rica in January 2017 and found it to be a beautiful country of misty forests, waterfalls, and sandy beaches. It has also taken important conservation steps such as protecting around a quarter of its land as national park and banning sport hunting. That said, deforestation poses a major threat to the country’s biodiversity, much of it due to cattle ranching and animal agriculture. In the photos below, ranging from the stunning to the strange, you’ll learn how tiny bats survive and why trees in Costa Rica show, but don’t tell, their age.

At a charming ecolodge and wildlife refuge where we stayed, Arenal Oasis, the large and small among the feathered kind dropped by for fruit. Their favorites were banana and papaya.

Costa Rica_Sonia Faruqi_Birds and Fruit
A line of birds

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