May 2019 Update: Merpeople, Science, and A Pudding

May is one of those in-between months; the cold weather still lingers, and because it’s not quite as warm or dry as we would like, it can become difficult to get up and out of the house. I don’t know about you, but spring always makes me want to declutter and try new things! That’s why, this month I’ll be sharing some of the research that went into The Oyster Thief – so we can learn something new together!

(Photo credits to Stacey @prose_and_palate; Anna @thecityofdarkclockwork; Nur @cg_nurbayah)


Earlier this month I chatted with Josh Cane of “Working Title” Podcast. We talked about my writing process on The Oyster Thief, beta reader feedback, and the importance of real-world research to create an imaginative universe. Learning how to scuba dive while writing the book helped me to get to know the ocean as a living entity, and form a connection between myself, merpeople, and the environment. This hands-on research helped me to create the living community of merpeople and animals you can find in The Oyster Thief! Listen to the full podcast here.

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