Acknowledgments for Project Animal Farm

With Project Animal Farm being released this month, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the many people who have made the book possible. I lean on too many shoulders to count and am overwhelmed with gratitude.


I would like to thank my husband Aamer Hasham for his love and understanding and for encouraging me to write always.

I would like to thank my parents Shaista Amin and Amin Faruqi for their unconditional love and for endowing me with the education, courage, and curiosity that enabled me to embark upon the international expedition that became Project Animal Farm.

I would like to thank my twin sister Sofia Faruqi for being my best friend and for supporting me from the first word of the book to the last. She reminded me constantly that what I was doing was important.

I would like to thank my brother Salman Faruqi for his optimism and wit. I would like to thank my extended family – my aunts, uncles, and cousins – for their encouragement from the day I was born. I would also like to thank my parents-in-law for accepting me into their fold.

I would like to thank my agent Laurie Abkemeier of DeFiore and Company for advising me through the task of publishing. I would like to thank my editor Jessica Case of Pegasus Books for her support and patience.

I would like to thank my friends for providing moral support and a listening ear. Special thanks go to Monica Jain, Barbi Lazarus, Lauren Friedwald, Amanda Haas, Raj Ghatore, and Randy Abate.

I would also like to thank the interns that Project Animal Farm is fortunate to have. They are a daily inspiration to me and have spent precious hours, skills, and talents on helping the book achieve press and praise. They hail from all over the United States and Canada and their impressive bios are here. Listed below are the crucial roles that they have played:

Elizabeth Buff: The first intern of Project Animal Farm, commencing a year ago in August 2014, Elizabeth fact-checked various chapters, researched certain topics, and later took charge of education outreach. I am inspired by her brilliance, acumen, and empathy.

Jess Beaulieu: As Social Media and Online Media Manager, Jess has ensured that Project Animal Farm has a visible online presence. I am inspired by her cheerfulness, creativity, and energy.

Ashley Richardson: As Events Manager, Ashley has arranged events at universities, bookstores, and libraries. I am inspired by her professionalism, reliability, and humbleness.

Janelle Kuehnert: As Blog Outreach and TV Shows Manager, Janelle has gotten Project Animal Farm reviewed by blogs and has taken the book to the attention of TV shows. I am inspired by her intelligence, ambition, and organization.

Alek Abate: As Nonprofit Outreach Manager, Alek has gotten the book to the attention of nonprofit organizations. I am inspired by his proactivity, maturity, and strength of character.

Halley Simpson: As Radio Show and Podcast Manager, Halley has gotten myself and Project Animal Farm on several podcasts and radio shows. I am inspired by her will, fortitude, and optimism.

Ashley Ryan: As General Manager, Ashley has advised on public relations aspects of the book and has evaluated film potential. I am inspired by her imagination, happiness, and resourcefulness.

Autumn Ladouceur: As General Manager, Autumn has given feedback on the book and has organized events and activities. I am inspired by her friendliness, social skills, and compassion.

Rachel Berardinelli: As Book Club and Blog Outreach Manager, Rachel has initiated communications with book clubs and blogs. I am inspired by her commitment, sincerity, and reason.

It goes without saying that without farmers, there would be no book. It is their opinions and their stories, often more than my own, that fill the pages of Project Animal Farm.

A big hug and heartfelt thank you to everyone!