An Exciting Speaking Tour

I spent the week of April 13 speaking in Boston and Orlando. I spoke at Northeastern University, Tufts University, Florida A&M University, and at an agricultural justice conference in Florida (the 33rd National Pesticide Forum). I discussed my investigations, detailed problems and solutions, and answered audience questions. I enjoyed connecting with audiences!

Northeastern University
Northeastern University

Some of the feedback in event evaluation forms went as follows:

“Consistently interesting”

“Visually engaging”

“Incredibly informative and comprehensive, with real examples and smart propositions”

“Very well-presented”

“Offered a realistic perspective”


Before the Tufts talk
Before the Tufts talk


These were some of the dozens of questions asked by members of the audience:

What are your international findings?

How was your experience living with farmers?

What are the solutions you recommend?

What are some of the obstacles to change today?

How do we feed billions of people with a humane and sustainable agriculture?



I would like to extend special gratitude to Sofia Faruqi and Professor Randy Abate for event organization and support.