April 2019 Update: Earth Day and Creatures Big and Small

With the weather warming up it feels like summer is just around the corner at last! As summer looms and we flock to the green spaces and blue lakes and oceans, it’s important to remember that these spaces aren’t just here for us to enjoy; they’re home to creatures big and small. It’s our duty as humans to take care of them, and allow them to grow and thrive in their natural habitats by respecting the spaces these creatures call home.

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This Earth Day, let’s all do our best to help protect this planet and its natural spaces. We can follow the example of Copenhagen, whose city officials are striving to make it the first city in the world to generate more renewable energy than dirty energy by 2025! This would reduce carbon emissions that contribute to greenhouse gases. Learn more here.

With the weather becoming warmer, bees will be waking up from hibernation to begin pollinating. Did you know that bee pollination is required for one in three bites of food you eat? Bees have such an important impact on our daily lives, but they are still suffering from colony collapse! Planting local flowers and stopping the use of pesticides can help; you can learn more here.


We’ve had some excellent reviews come through for The Oyster Thief recently!

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The Girly Book Club says “As soon as I realized that this story involves mermaids I was very excited. I absolutely love stories that take place in the ocean and growing up, The Little Mermaid was my favorite Disney movie! I really enjoyed this novel and found myself “a part of their world.”

A Bookish Type says, “There is a distinctly Potterish vibe to The Oyster Thief…. I absolutely adore the characters. It’s a pity I finished the book because I would love to spend more time under the sea with Izar and Coralline.”

Vacation Idea website gave The Oyster Thief a glowing review, hailing it as an excellent book to read on your next vacation. “The Oyster Thief sees Faruqi flex her creative muscles to make an environmental statement in a different way, giving every reader a truly emotional and thought-provoking experience about what we’re doing to the oceans and their inhabitants.”

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With the recent student-led climate change rallies happening all over the world, it’s time to listen to those future generations, who are speaking up for what they believe in: a better future. As Jane Goodall says, “You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make.”