April Update: Chickens and Chimpanzees and Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! What a great day to reflect on our relationship with the planet. Of the billions of celestial bodies and galaxies in the universe, we humans have one and only one home—and so it’s important to protect that home. The most important thing we can do for our habitat, not to mention our health, is to evaluate our diet and reduce our meat consumption. The world, as a whole, is eating unprecedented and unsustainable quantities of meat today. The detrimental impacts of our present-day diet are enormous. Animal agriculture is responsible for 80% of deforestation and 70% of freshwater use.

Earth Day offers us an opportunity to resolve to do better—for ourselves and the billions of other creatures with whom we are fortunate to share our beautiful, fragile planet.

And here’s a round-up of a few recent reader reviews of Project Animal Farm:

  • “What is happening behind the scenes affects everyone of all ages; my classmates and I are part of the generation that is going to be living in this even more spectacularly in the next 20 years and we need to be aware of what is really happening.” – Christina
  • “Reading this book could very well change your life for the better. I highly recommend it!” – James
  • “The book is fast-moving, lively and well written.” – Julia
  • “Definitely change is on the way, albeit slowly, and I feel your great book will help move things along.” – Kerin

Here’s a list of events coming up in May in Ontario. Books will be available for sale at all events.

  • Sat, May 7: Petrolia Library in Petrolia from 1 to 2pm (4200 Petrolia Line).
  • Sat, May 7: Sarnia Library in Sarnia from 3 to 4pm (124 Christina St. S.).
  • Fri, May 20: Lester B. Pearson C.I. High School in Toronto from 2 to 3pm (150 Tapscott Rd).

In the news:

  • Animals: Animal Cruelty or the Price of Dinner?– This opinion piece in the New York Times on April 16 describes the steep cost of cheap food borne by animals and farmers. “If we can rally on behalf of a frightened dog in Orlando,” asks columnist Nicholas Kristof, “can’t we also muster concern for billions of farm animals—as well as the humans struggling to raise them?”
  • Health: The Looming Threat of Avian Flu – This in-depth article in The New York Times Magazine on April 13 highlights the dangers posed to Americans by avian flu. “The 2015 avian flu emphasizes the vulnerability of farms to outbreaks,” states reporter Maryn McKenna, “leaving the United States open to an economic catastrophe, or possibly even a human one.”
  • Environment: 3 Most Environmentally Damaging Habits You Might Be Able to Change – This instructive and informative piece in EcoWatch on April 17 suggests reconsidering our habits to benefit the environment. “It’s difficult to overstate the massive negative impact the meat industry has on the environment,” describes Reynard Loki.
  • Other: What I Learned from Tickling Apes– This op-ed in the New York Times on April 8 argues for the recognition of cognition in primates and other animals. “In our haste to argue that animals are not people,” posits primatologist Frans de Waal, “we have forgotten that people are animals, too.”