December 2018 Update – Have you ever wondered how life would be as a merperson?

Have you ever wondered how mermaids live? What they eat, where they sleep, what they wear?

These questions, and more, are answered in a new four-minute video titled, “What if You Were a Merperson?” The video has amassed ~1 million views. I wrote the script and the production was done by the talented team at What If. You can plunge into the world of merpeople by watching the video here!


The Oyster Thief is viral not only in video form, but across all media. It is a Globe and Mail “Best Book of the Year.” And here are some more reviews:

“The world’s first ocean conservation novel. Faruqi possesses a unique ability to create a fantastical underwater world while tying in explicit scientific facts…. The Oyster Thief is an entertaining and informative mix of ocean science and literary fiction.”

The Oyster Thief opens a portal to a world of merpeople for readers to have an exhilarating deep-sea experience, while underlining the significance of ocean conservation as a real-world issue. The book is becoming a favorite among readers.
Broadway World

(Credits, from left to right: Angel, Alissa @morrigans_books, and Irene @my_magicalbookish.corner)

The Oyster Thief is an amazing debut novel. With gorgeous prose and extraordinarily real characters, this is a book you will easily fall in love with. From the very first page, I was hooked.”
Looking Glass Reads 

“There was something timeless about this book. It is definitely one that I will remember.”
The Pages in Between 

“Like the ocean is deep, The Oyster Thief has layers that ask you important questions about sacrifice.”
Utopia State of Mind

(Credits, from left to right: Stacey @prose_and_palate, Kaya @lunaukaya, and Nur @cg_nurbayah)

If you’re looking for some relaxing holiday reading, you can get a copy of The Oyster Thief at your local bookstore or at Amazon!



  • I chatted on Sourcing Matters about The Oyster Thief and environmental fiction (fiction that features environmental themes).
  • I talked to Brian on Don’t Forget Your Boots about Project Animal Farm, The Oyster Thief, and sustainability.

Youtube: You can watch the following vloggers discuss The Oyster Thief:

  • Roya Eve, who says, “It really makes you feel as if you’re in a whole new world, one that is magical yet also a celebration of our natural oceans.”
  • William Keeble, who says, “I’ve never read a fantasy book like this and it’s genuinely quite surprising.”
  • Iasmina, who says she enjoyed the “writing and world-building.”

(Credits, from left to right: Asma @oasisgirlmd, Tina @tbretc, and Corinne @lavieestbooks)


My publisher Pegasus Books and I are excited to offer a holiday giveaway of The Oyster Thief to subscribers of my monthly newsletter and followers on Instagram. To enter, answer this question: What would you like most about being a mermaid or merman? You can enter the giveaway contest by tagging me on Instagram with your answer @Sonia_Faruqi or by emailing One winner will be chosen from among the entrants. The giveaway ends Fri, Dec 21 and is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada.

I wish you and your family a lovely holiday season!