Meet the Interns

Hailing from the United States, Canada, and Australia; pursuing careers as diverse as law and film; enjoying hobbies like rowing and scuba-diving—Interns are the sparks behind the fire of Project Animal Farm. Learn more about them below.

Meet the Project Animal Farm Interns
Meet the Project Animal Farm Interns

Elizabeth Buff was raised among the orange trees of California and the grassy hills of North Carolina. She grew up with a menagerie of companion animals, including horses, chickens, a goat, dogs, and cats. She studied history in North Carolina and obtained a law degree from the McGeorge School of Law in California. She currently works as an attorney on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, where she lives with her husband and their rescue dog, Sailor. Elizabeth enjoys running and anything to do with the Beatles. She is transitioning to a career in animal law, and decided to intern with Project Animal Farm because she is especially interested in farm animal issues.


Autumn Ladouceur was born and raised in Ontario. In high school, she excelled in writing and journalism and continued in that path as a university student. She lives in Toronto today and works in freelance communications at an environmental non-profit organization. Autumn has been volunteering for animals and the environment since the age of fifteen. Her dream is to write books and make documentaries. An internship with Project Animal Farm is an ideal position for Autumn as it is another step towards making her dreams a reality.


Ashley Ryan is from the Gold Coast, Australia and has lived in New York for the past five years. She studied art history and philosophy and is now working as a Talent Agent in the film industry. Ashley grew up with lots of animals and has been interested in them from a young age. When Ashley heard about Project Animal Farm, she was excited to be given the opportunity to help promote a book about a cause she believes in.


Janelle Kuehnert was born and raised in Florida. She earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and political science in Florida, then moved to Pennsylvania for law school. She will earn her law degree at the end of 2015 and plans to move to Washington, D.C. to start her career. She loves boating, snorkeling, and anything to do with the ocean. She has been a certified scuba diver since the age of twelve and takes every chance she can to dive. Her interest in animals grew after taking an animal law course. She views Project Animal Farm as one more step to help her make a difference in the world.


Alek Abate is a sophomore at Dartmouth College who plans to obtain a double-major in environmental studies and philosophy. He rows for the varsity lightweight crew team, is a managing editor for the Dartmouth Law Journal, and is an active member of the Dartmouth Animal Welfare Group. Alek’s interest in animal issues began in high school with the viewing of documentaries. Alek is interning with Project Animal Farm because he believes it is accessible to those interested in animal issues, and also furthers the discussion within and outside North America.


Ashley Richardson was born and raised in New York state. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in history in Buffalo and a law degree in Florida. Missing New York, she moved back home and passed the New York bar. Ashley has been an animal lover and advocate since she was a young girl, even declaring, at the age of ten, to grow up and be an “Animal Abuse Prosecutor”. Ashley plans on moving to Washington, D.C. in the next year with her fiancé. She is thrilled to be interning with Project Animal Farm because she is passionate about farm animals and is excited to have the opportunity to make a difference.


Jess Beaulieu was born in Tennessee. She grew up rescuing stray animals and has since desired to lend her voice to animals. After graduating with a degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, and researching captive animals for two years, she began attending law school in Florida. Her focus is environmental and animal welfare law, and she is a board member of the Environmental Law Society and the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund. After graduating, she wishes to work for a nonprofit on the west coast. Interning with Project Animal Farm will bring her closer to her goals.