The Hoedown at Farm Sanctuary

I spent a magical weekend in the foothills of upstate New York, at an annual conference of Farm Sanctuary, an organization that rescues farm animals. I kicked off the conference, called the Hoedown, by being the first speaker.

Sonia at Farm Sanctuary

Have you ever been in a roomful of more than a hundred passionate people? If so, you’ll know how contagious and addictive the energy is. The attendees at the Hoedown were impressive and inspiring and the food and setting were beautiful. Among the many amazing people I met was Tracey Stewart, author of a new book Do Unto Animals and wife of Jon Stewart.

My message focused on effective advocacy. I believe we face only two options as human beings. The first is to do nothing when faced with a problem, and the second is to do something. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something—the something that each of us is capable of. When we make the decision between doing something and doing nothing, we make the decision between being an activist or being an inactivist. Far from being an unflattering word, the word “activist” is simply a noun for the verb “active.” What sounds better to you: being active or inactive? I already know your answer, and I encourage you to applaud the activist in you.

Sonia at Farm Sanctuary 5


Getting ready to go on stage
Getting ready to go on stage

Farm Sanctuary has created stunning new accommodations called Tiny Houses, a name that is an understatement. The houses are luxurious and beautifully designed. You can see me sitting on the bed below!

Sonia at Farm Sanctuary 3
Marjorie Tiny House at Farm Sanctuary
A giant but gentle 2,000-pound bull
A giant but gentle 2,000-pound bull



Sonia at Farm Sanctuary 1
A little piglet called Cameron